Hour One turns text-based content into engaging, human-centered videos, making information more memorable and meaningful, ultimately leading to action. 

We serve a wide number of verticals, any area where video can augment content and customer experience.

Human Resources

Hour One supports and augments HR processes and activities in a variety of ways, from sourcing, to employee communication, and engagement. We enhance and empower:


 - Job interviews

 - New hires onboarding

 - Employee communication

 - Learning and development


Customer experience remains the highest friction point in the customer journey, and Hour One is here to help solve that. 

Our solutions convert each of your product listings into a custom product video overview. Our AI-driven platform enables you to submit hundreds of listings at a time, at speeds and efficiencies like never before.


We offer immersive teacher-led learning experiences at the scale and consistency of AI.  Applications include on-demand learning
experiences and

video-based self-practice,

designed to keep students engaged.

Financial Reports

Deliver your static financial reports in engaging, presenter-led video, which are easier to digest, and deliver a premium experience

Real Estate

Trying to sell your property, and make it standout from the competition? Hire a synthetic character as a “virtual broker” and at the same time convert your static listing to video, to drive understanding, engagement and sell-through. 

Customer Support  &  FAQ

Convert your FAQ content, or any website content into video, presented by a synthetic character. 

Watch your site engagement go up, and enjoy new video assets for your video and social channels.

Language Learning

We turn text to video, with a human character pronouncing and speaking the text. This makes language learning more immersive and enjoyable, and possible to take on the go. We can take any text in multiple languages, for continuous, mobile-friendly language practice. We currently have capabilities in English, German, French and Spanish with more languages on the way.