Hassle-free video creation, from start to finish, with unlimited editing, to serve your business needs


  • Seamless AI and cloud-based video production

  • Unlimited video asset editing 

  • Repurpose videos from one language to many 

  • Bring-your-own character

  • Template design and management 

  • Plug in/out of our delivery system


  • Full HD, live-action video

  • Character Generator 

  • 100+ characters

  • Deliver videos with a full range of human expression

  • Fully AI-generated (no stitching)

  • Hosting, Analytics, API integration


  • All Hour One’s commercial videos feature an Altered Visuals watermark, somewhere within the frame. 

  • We do this to respect the user’s right to know that the video has been computer-generated.

  • This is an unbranded watermark and we invite collaboration from other partners in the ecosystem, as a first step towards a standard for synthetic media disclosure.

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New York City, NY, USA

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