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Hour One is an end-to-end video creation platform. Powered by life-like, programmable presenters, we bring studio-grade video to all businesses.

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End-to-end automated platform

where you can make unlimited videos,

yourself, in minutes, just from text

ONE platform    •    INFINITE videos    •    ZERO production

Generate fully-produced videos featuring
life-like human subjects, entirely with code

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Become a Character

Submit to become a character

on the Hour One platform,

and make yourself available for work

Tailored video solutions with unparalleled character realism, as well as character, video

and template customization

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We were looking for a more efficient and flexible way to produce content at scale, without losing the life-like qualities of a real human subject. After exploring various options, we found Hour One to be the ideal solution for our needs, being the only technology that could accurately replicate the natural human experience.

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Mike Yoder

Berlitz has built our methodology and brand on delivering the best outcomes for students serious about fluency, which requires a very human centric experience. Our digital experiences had to replicate the classroom experience. Doing that successfully means Berlitz can extend our reach into new markets, and be more accessible to students, removing barriers of location and affordability.

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Meet Our Characters

Hour One turns text-based content into engaging, human-centered videos

Hour One serves a wide number of verticals,

any area where video can augment communication and customer experience.

Real Estate

Select a virtual real estate agent and convert your static listings to video to improve communication and sell-through.

Financial Reports

Deliver dull financial reports in engaging, presenter-led videos, which are easier to digest, and deliver a premium customer experience.


Instantly convert text-based learning content to teacher-led video, to deliver more immersive and effective learning experiences.

Language Learning

Turn language learning from text to video, delivered by a life like instructor pronouncing and speaking the text. This makes language learning more effective, enjoyable, and transportable.

Human Resources

Hour One supports and augments a number of HR processes and activities, from sourcing to employee communication and engagement.


Deliver compelling customer experience and results at your digital storefront, with a tailored, presenter-led video for every product or sales listing.

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