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Reals Features


Choose from 100+ presenters
or bring your own 

Every business and use case demands a different presenter with a distinct character and look! Browse an extensive database of characters representing a wide variety of looks, ages and genders. 

Voices & Languages

Choose from a diverse range of voices and languages 

The right voice, and the right language are essential for optimal communications with your customer. Select from a range of voices to match with your character, and have your character speak in each of your desired languages, with native fluency, for seamless and personalized communication. 

No skills required

Make studio quality videos in minutes, no coding or production skills required 

Think this is for video or coding professionals? Think again! We built this for individuals and teams with zero coding or production skills. One platform for end-to-end video creation, at scale, with a few clicks of the mouse. 

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Choose from a large range of templates for high-end
post-production quality

What’s a video without all the bells and whistles? Choose from a large range of dynamic video templates, with motion graphics, customized to your relevant vertical. Choose music to set your video's mood - all fully licensed so you don’t need to think about it - for top post-production quality.

Data Input

Bring and connect a range of data inputs and assets

Convert the raw data assets you already have into fully-produced, high-engagement videos to wow and inform your customers. Bring your databases, SKUs, CRMs, text and image media, and spin them into rich and dynamic videos.

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Branding customization

Bring your brand colors and assets

What’s a video if it isn’t personalized to your business and brand? Import your brand book, colors, logos and other assets, to create videos that are exactly right for you. 

Hosting & Analytics

Total video management including storage, bandwidth and analytics

Now that you’ve made all these videos, you’ll need somewhere to keep them! You’ll also want to embed them across your digital platforms, monitor performance, and edit them right from Reals. Take advantage of our total video management system which enables all this from a single interface.

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Our Partners

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Hour One turns text-based content into engaging, human-centered videos

Tutorial Video

Create presenter-led tutorials to explain your product features, for a successful user experience.

Hour One serves a wide number of verticals,

where video can augment communication and customer experience.

Real Estate

Select a virtual real estate agent and convert your static listings to video to improve communication and sell-through.

Financial Reports

Deliver dull financial reports in engaging, presenter-led videos, which are easier to digest, and deliver a premium customer experience.


Instantly convert text-based learning content to teacher-led video, to deliver more immersive and effective learning experiences.

Language Learning

Turn language learning from text to video, delivered by a life like instructor pronouncing and speaking the text. This makes language learning more effective, enjoyable, and transportable.

Human Resources

Hour One supports and augments a number of HR processes and activities, from sourcing to employee communication and engagement.


Deliver compelling customer experience and results at your digital storefront, with a tailored, presenter-led video for every product or sales listing.

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